bryan d. morris – ceramic sculpture

** Resume updated and revised. April 24, 2008 **

** Artist Statement revised again April 22, 2008 **

** KCAI Graduating BFA Exhibition opens at the H&R Block Art Space April 21 – May 16 2008

H&R Block Art Space Website

Dear reader,

You have arrived at the website of Bryan Morris (me). My purposes for operating this site are for it to function as an all-in-one business card for my artistic endeavors, as well as a medium of visual and verbal communication between myself and my peers and fellow artists who exhort a great amount of influence over me.

In addition, it is a free and ever-ready link between myself the artist, and all those who I may not know personally but whom I enthusiastically wish to share my art and ideas with. Critique is a critical and invaluable resource to me as an artist, and to everyone I extend my full encouragement to comment and contact me about anything on this website. (or anything else for that matter.)

This site is laid out to provide most anything that you would wish to know about me and my art endeavors. I really do hope that you enjoy it, and feel free to link to my site or mention it to anyone that might find interest in it. Have a beautiful day / evening / or night, and don’t forget to stop and listen now and then. (you will never be disappointed.)



One Response to “bryan d. morris – ceramic sculpture”

  1. Bryan, El senor Agamemnon says “Oh my wonderous, Helen, why did you run with that man?” and so you have made all the kings very sad. Why did you go and steal the most beautiful? Why did you not see the part in the whole? Bryo hope everything is well, remember you have a website and people do visit it. Replenish it with content so that I can be content. Well, if you want. But well say hi to Mr. Poet and wife(Jenny, I think), and Miss Chilindrina.

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